"The details are not the details. They make the design."

Charles Eames

Hello and welcome to our new website this is an important moment to us and we are greatful to have your visit.
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Cine-Teatro Garrett

Our desin proposal for the new identity and branding system for Cine-Teatro Garrett, one of the most historical theatres of Portugal.

Novum 01.15 Non-Profit Issue
Graphic, Print Design

We were invited to design January's issue — Non-Profit — cover for Novum — World of Graphic Design — an international monthly publication. Non-Profit concept is determined by connections, human trust, exchanges and communication.


PROHS is a company specialized in planning, projecting, manufacturing and marketing Sterilization Centrals for the medical field, as well as manufacture other complementary stainless steel equipment in the area of health, founded in 1967 and recognized for the quality and reliability of its products.


Memo:Rise is a digital composition for Philantra 2014 a small exhibition in our hometown. This colorful illustration is intended to represent abstractly our most childish dreams throughout our entire life.

World Cup Stamps 2014
Graphic; Illustration

Emphasis is placed on a consistent layout system in order to create eye-catching and representative geometric graphic composition.

Las Vegas
Illustration, Typography

This poster is the visual result for the connection between the city's nightlife and the economical growth.

Shika Street Food Project
Branding, Illustration

Shika is a different street food concept that combines the portuguese culture with the japanese cuisine.

Illustration, Typography

Poster combines a number of techniques to create inspirational images, and it is interesting to see the thought processes that went into their creation.

Branding, Illustration

The beginning of a unique concept. The first live Chocolate Factory in Portugal.

Utopia // Hard Rimme

Visual interpretation of our nonsense / utopic dreams as a golden impossible shape unreachable for us due to our vulgar limitation - being human.

Três Marias
Branding, Packaging

A lovely combination of custom made typo and illustration – each character representing a different wine.

iOS App Concept

Luuq.it is an intelligent app concept that will take care of your cultural appetite in your native city but it is also a very useful tool for exploration of cities you will be visiting.

Magnolia Typeface

A display typography inspired by the shape, softness and symbolism we brought a digital environment for its growth trying to create a new specie.

Illustration Series 2012/2013

A selected serie of illustration from 2012 to 2013